BALED - STRAW, HAY & HAYLAGE - Located in the heart of the Cheshire countryside

At Baled, we grow our own wheat straw, hay and haylage and process it into quality, dust extracted, clean, and safe bales. Perfect for poultry enrichment, equine, pets and more!


Dedusted & Destoned

Your animals deserve the best, and that’s why we ensure that there are no nasties in every single one of the bales we produce.


The welfare of animals is of upmost importance to us, and that’s why we disinfect our straw to comply with biosecurity regulations, particularly in the poultry sector.

Compact & Light

Our bales are small and compact with ease of use in mind. Bespoke weights are available.

Purpose Built Facilities

We make to order so after placing your order, your straw and hay is processed on-site using state of the art machinery.

Environmentally Friendly

We’re always thinking of ways to remain environmentally friendly and that’s where our baled products come in.

We supply a wide range of straw, hay and haylage for….






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Baled – What the Three D’s mean for our customers

Baled – What the Three D’s mean for our customers Here at Baled, we are all about providing the best quality hay, haylage and straw for whatever purpose – Whether that be for our smaller pets and animals, poultry, equine. We’ve also been known to provide our bales as...

Baled Supports Young Star Showjumper Sienna Palin

Baled Supports Young Star Showjumper Sienna Palin   Sienna Palin is a 14-year-old showjumper with big dreams become one of the Nation’s best. Sienna’s on track to be competing nationally with her ponies in UK showjumping. With her level of passion, coupled with...

How Much Hay to Feed Your Horse

Hay and haylage play a crucial role in any horse’s diet. As with us humans, each horse will have unique requirements for their nutrition. Ensuring you’re giving your horse the ideal diet is a big responsibility, but we’ll break down the factors you should be...

Considering a Hay Steamer?

When it comes to feeding your horse or pony, hay is a very common choice, of course -- as it should be! Although alongside all the great attributes of hay, come some less favourable characteristics. These characteristics can start to cause problems for your horse, but...

The Benefits of Straw and Hay as good insulators

It’s that time of year, where insulation and ventilation are important. Heating an area can be expensive whether it is your house, the barn or cage for your large or small animals. Straw bales, produced as a co-product of cereal crops such as wheat and rice or hay...

How to manage equine asthma?

How to manage equine asthma? Equine asthma is a non-infectious inflammatory airway disease that is often triggered by environmental allergens such as fungal spores found in hay and straw. Equine Asthma can also be brought on by other external factors such as pollen,...

Feeding Animals: Are your animals feeling the change in the seasons?

Feeding Animals: Are your animals feeling the change in the seasons? It’s that time of year, where the season is changing. The daylight hours are shortening, weather conditions varying, temperatures fluctuating and the change in colour of the leaves. These all signal...

The Importance of Biosecurity in Poultry

Biosecurity plays a vital role in protecting and keeping birds across the UK safe from disease, find out how you can play your part in keeping the poultry industry safe.

What is the difference between Hay, Haylage and Straw?

Some people might see Hay and Straw as interchangeable products? They are both light and easy to move, however, they are very different in a variety of ways. Hay Hay is used as animal feed and is essentially dried grass that is greenish in color. Hay can be available...

Choosing the right horse bedding

Making sure your horse has the right bedding for them can be tricky as there are a number of different options, from shavings and carpet right through to wood pellets. Let us help you make your decision.


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Please call us on 01270 522233 / 07973 396306 or fill in this form.

Contact Us

Please call us on 01270 522233 / 07973 396306 or fill in this form.