Bagged Grass Haylage

£6.00 inc. VAT

Baled Grass Haylage is top-quality grass haylage, produced from the field to their bag right here on our family farm in Cheshire. We are constantly fine-tuning our production process to make our haylage for horses as nutrient-dense and easy-to-digest as possible, but this product really is top-quality.

Our Bagged Grass Haylage for sale in up to 20kg bags is suitable for all equine yards, no order is too big or small! As with all our products, we have dedusted and destoned our horse haylage with our state-of-the-art machinery, whilst sticking to fair haylage prices. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information today.

Weight: 15kg


Ordering and Payment

An additional delivery charge will apply depending on quantity and delivery address. Once your order has been submitted the Baled team will be in touch to confirm a delivery date and delivery fee as required.

Payment will be required at this time and you will not be required to enter payment details online.