Baled Straw Bales

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Baled Straw Bales are available in weights from 8-12kg per straw bale, bound to reduce plastic. The versatility of our straw bales for sale seems to only be growing, with use across poultry and equine to pet bedding and even construction!

The 8kg bales are perfect for poultry enrichment and pet bedding alike, whilst the bigger 12kg are perfect for equines and use on construction sites. All our bales are dedusted, destoned and disinfected, always with quality and practicality in mind. We also keep the environment front of mind, choosing these bales can reduce your plastic consumption.

The search for top quality straw bales is over, you’ll never have to search ‘straw bales for sale near me’ again! Place your order today.

Ordering and Payment

An additional delivery charge will apply depending on quantity and delivery address. Once your order has been submitted the Baled team will be in touch to confirm a delivery date and delivery fee as required.

Payment will be required at this time and you will not be required to enter payment details online.