Baled Grass Hay

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Baled Grass Hay is our top-quality purposely grown hay, available in weights from 5-10kg per bale. These bales are easy to move and practical around the yard due to their light weight.

As with all our products, we bring high standards of production to ensure your animals have the best possible grass hay bales. Our made-to-order process dedusts and destones every bale, unlike most other grass hay bales for sale in the market. We pride ourselves in producing exceptional quality products are constantly innovating.

We grow, process and deliver our Baled Grass Hay, so we control every step of it’s journey to you and your animals!

See our hay bale price above or browse the rest of our Baled range!

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Ordering and Payment

An additional delivery charge will apply depending on quantity and delivery address. Once your order has been submitted the Baled team will be in touch to confirm a delivery date and delivery fee as required.

Payment will be required at this time and you will not be required to enter payment details online.