Make hay while the sun shines

Just like every other farmer out there at the moment we’re busy day and night on our tractors bringing in the crops before the weather changes. But have you ever had a delivery of our hay bales and wondered… How do they actually make it?

Well, you’re in luck! We’re about to give you a quick guide on how we get the bales from the field to your door.

How do we get it from the field to be processed?

So how do we turn grass into hay? Once the grass has grown to the perfect height and the weather is on our side that’s when the fun starts. The big kit comes out of the shed for another year!

First off, we bring the mower out of the shed, mow the grass, and then kick it! Don’t worry we’re not there day and night kicking it with our feet, we’ve got the tedder for that job. The tedder ‘kicks up’ the hay so that it can dry out quicker. We might kick the hay multiple times to get it just right before raking it up into nice, neat rows ready for the baler to come along and bale it.

Is that it?

You might be wondering ‘Is that it?’. Well for most, yes that’s all that needs to be done to make hay. But we go a little further than that for our products.

Three d’s process

Once the bales are brought in the next step for us is to dismantle them. Why I hear you ask! We’ve put all that time and effort into baling the hay out in the field to then bring them in and undo all that hard work. This step is key to fulfilling our three d’s quality control.

We run our bales through our KME-Agri processor which splits, fluffs, and chops the hay before de-stoning and then dropping it into the delivery drum for the de-dusting process, followed by disinfection. Not only that, our fancy processor accurately weighs all of our bales so when they come out the other end we know they are exactly the weight we want them to be.

Once the bales are weighed and strung, they pop out the end and are picked up and stacked by our robot ready to be sent to our customers.

Want to buy some of our hay bales?

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