Baled – What the Three D’s mean for our customers

Here at Baled, we are all about providing the best quality hay, haylage and straw for whatever purpose – Whether that be for our smaller pets and animals, poultry, equine. We’ve also been known to provide our bales as seating for events. The quality of our product is of utmost importance customers and their animals receive top quality feed and bedding.

That’s why we live by the 3 D’s:

  • Dedust
  • Destone
  • Disinfect

But what do they actually mean and why are they so important?


No one likes being in a dusty environment, not even horses and poultry! High volumes of dust can cause all kinds of problems. They can lead to respiratory issues, or aggravate any existing breathing difficulties. These can cause inflamation / blockage of the airways, asthma and general wheezing and coughing – Even for the fittest of animals, dustey bedding and feed is a very common problem. That’s why the dedusting step is so vital for all of our products – You’d be surprised at how much dust is in even the best quality hay, haylage and straw around!


Destoning is an important consideration when deciding what hay, haylage and straw to get for your animals. We destone all of our products to remove any unwanted particles and harmful stones from our hay, haylage and straw. Often overlooked, stones can actually be quite common within forage bales depending on the ground its baled on or where its stored. Destoning gives that extra check to ensure your bales are safe from any nasties.

Disinfecting Our Straw

Now, this is a pretty obvious one, but it is still important nonetheless. Disinfecting is an important element, particularly for poultry and equine purposes. Biosecurity is incredibly stringent particularly when it comes to poultry – and rightly so! That’s why we disinfect all straw before it is wrapped/banded – That way you know that you have made every possible check to ensure that you aren’t bringing any unwanted disease or bacteria into your sheds.

You may be asking, how do we do it?

At Baled, we use our KME processing system that vigorously pulls apart hay strands, removing bacteria and dust. It is then banded or bagged and sent to you, completely dedusted and destoned.

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