As October arrives in the UK, the farm undergoes significant changes and transitions. The last month or so has seen the culmination of the harvest season and the beginning of preparations for the approaching winter.

Harvest Time in Review

September marked the peak of the harvest season at Red Hall Farm. We have been hard at work bringing in the fruits of our labor. Crops like wheat, barley, and oilseed rape were harvested, and the machinery and equipment worked tirelessly to ensure a bountiful yield. It’s also the time when hay and silage were collected, crucial for feeding livestock during the colder months.

Turning Leaves and Changing Fields

With October comes the breathtaking transformation of the landscape. Trees, hedgerows, and fields turn brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. For many, this is a reminder of the cyclical nature of farming, where each season brings a new set of tasks and opportunities. The falling leaves are a reminder to prepare for the winter ahead.

Preparing for Winter

We are now focusing on making Red Hall Farm ready for winter. This involves a range of activities, including:
Animal Care: Livestock must be prepared for colder weather. Animals are often brought indoors or provided with windbreaks and extra bedding to protect them from the harsh conditions.
Field Management: Fields that were used for arable crops need to be prepared for the next planting season. This involves plowing, fertilising, and sowing cover crops to protect the soil and provide forage for livestock.
Winter Crops: Winter wheat and winter barley, have been planted for the next year’s harvest. These hardy crops will overwinter and be ready for harvest in the summer.
Maintenance and Repairs: This is also the time to repair and maintain machinery and equipment, ensuring everything is in working order for the coming year.
Woodland Management: Autumn is a good time for tree maintenance, including pruning and clearing underbrush.


As October arrives in the UK, the farm’s rhythm changes. It’s a time of transition from the bustling harvest season to the preparation for winter. The landscape undergoes a picturesque transformation, and we are diligently working to ensure their livestock, fields, and equipment are ready for the months ahead. The farm, as always, adapts to the seasons, embracing the beauty and challenges each one brings.