Baled Supports Young Star Showjumper Sienna Palin


Sienna Palin is a 14-year-old showjumper with big dreams become one of the Nation’s best.

Sienna’s on track to be competing nationally with her ponies in UK showjumping.

With her level of passion, coupled with her being from Cheshire – the home of Baled HQ – we couldn’t miss the opportunity to sponsor Sienna and support her on her showjumping journey.

At Baled we really do understand the importance of providing horses with a top-quality diet, which is particularly important for the likes of Sprout and Kado – Sienna’s competing horses.

Whether your horses compete or train, or you simply ride for leisure, your horses need to be at optimal health and nutrition plays a key role in their wellbeing.

That’s why, not only do we grow our hay and haylage, but every ounce that we grow is dedusted and destoned to provide you with the best quality product for your horses.

So, what’s next for Sienna? We caught up with her to find out all about her love of equine, how she trains her horses and where you can find her competing next.


  1. Sienna, at what age did you start riding and showjumping and how old were you when you took part in your first competition?


“I have been around horses since I was born, due to the fact my mum used to compete herself in showjumping. I was sat on a horse as soon as I could walk. I never used to like being on lead rein, I would refuse if I couldn’t ride independently. When I first started competing, I was about five years old. I started off with an 11.2 pony called Rosie who taught me to show jump, cross poles of course.”


  1. Tell us a little bit about your horses – what are your favourite things about each of them and how do you like to train them?


“I have a 138-pony called Sprout who is 11 years old and is an ex-racing pony. We have owned him for 17 months now. He had no BSJA points when we got him, but now he has 138 gold league points – he really has achieved so much in such a short time.


“He has a really big character with a huge heart. He gets so impatient and likes to get on with his job when he gets to a show. Sprout loves to go out in the paddock when he’s at home and we don’t jump him too much during the week as he knows his job. We just train once a week before a competition. 


“I also have a 148 pony Kado he is a chestnut gelding who I’ve had for six months now. He came from Holland as a five-year-old. Kado is a really talented pony with so much potential and he just needs time and more rounds to gain experience. He’s such a friendly pony who loves being made a fuss of and getting attention. 


“I also have a couple of new 148 ponies which we have only just taken on so I’m getting to know them both. One is called Chloe, she is seven-year-old Irish mare, and the other is a pony called Simba. He’s four years old and came from Holland. I’m looking forward to getting to know them both and can’t wait for the summer season ahead.”


2. Where have you competed in the past and what are some of your favourite competing memories or achievements?


“When I was on 128, I had a pony called Kip Kip Hooray. He taught me so much but we never pushed him to jump the bigger 128 tracks as he was more comfortable over the lower tracks. Together we achieved so much. We won the 10 & under team three years on the run and were the winner of the style & performance class at Pony of the Year. We were also runner up in the 11 and under championship twice. In tiny tots’ championship we came second and we won first place in the 128/138 handicap final.


“I also had a fabulous pony called Calusa – a 138 pony. We won the Fledgling Championship Show at Southview which was a nice win. I also came second in bronze league at Stoneleigh BSJA National Championship show two years on the run and came second in the 138-championship class at Weston Lawns.


“I have also enjoyed bringing my pony, Sprout, on to jump the bigger 138 tracks. We have had some good placings together but, for me, coming second and qualifying him for the Royal Highland Show was amazing. When you step up to jump the bigger tracks it isn’t as easy to keep rolling out double clears continuously. So, for me I felt like my hard work was paying off. It was a really nice feeling to know that you can achieve what you want if you keep persevering. He was a racing pony before I had him so to achieve what we have done so far is probably one of my greatest achievements.”

3. What competitions and events do you have coming up?

 “We have a busy summer season ahead with all the ponies.

 “We have the Pony of the Year show 138 Grand Prix at Arena U.K. and the Bluechip Championship at Hartbury Arena in Gloucestershire.

 “We also have the Royal Highland Show in Scotland which we recently qualified for. I also have Horse of the Year show qualifiers throughout the summer with Sprout which take place at different venues around the U.K. 

 “I also have discovery second round shows for Kado and Sprout to qualify for the National Championship at Stoneleigh.”

 4. What’s the ultimate dream for you and your showjumping career? Where would you love to get to in the future?

 “I have many dreams and goals for my Showjumping future. I want to represent my country and compete on the England team. I also want to compete at prestigious events such as Hickstead and Horse of the Year.

“To continue to produce ponies and then horses is also something I enjoy. It takes time but is extremely rewarding.”

 Sienna added: “I’m really proud to be sponsored by Baled. All my ponies love your hay and it is definitely helping them with their performance.”

To find follow Sienna on her journey you can follow her on Instagram at @SiennaPalinShowjumping and as we continue to support Sienna and her horses in their competitions, we’ll also be keeping you up to date here on our blog and over on our social channels.