Making sure your horse has the right bedding for them can be tricky as there are a number of different options, from shavings and carpet right through to wood pellets. However, as a byproduct of a grain crop, straw is a very economical type of horse bedding and provides many advantages.

Straw Bales

Baled Straw Bales are perfect for providing a warm and comfortable bed for your horse. Straw can be used to create a deep litter bed which effectively keeps the moisture level in the stable/stall to a minimum and acts as effective drainage. In addition, straw forms a protective barrier or mat between the horse and the urine. Furthermore, it provides cushioning, protecting your horse from getting any knocks or grazes.

Are you concerned about the mess your horses bedding is going to create?

Straw bales can be neat, easily stored and are straightforward to manage when creating a neat bed for your horse. Our Baled Straw Bales come in weights from 8kg – 12kg. Quality and practicality are important factors to us, which is why all our bales are dedusted, destoned and disinfected. We grow all our products and always have the wellbeing and health of animals at the forefront of our minds.

Bagged Straw

Having a dust-free environment for your horse is vital, particularly for horses suffering from respiratory problems. That’s why even our Bagged Straw is de-dusted, making it the perfect horse bedding option. The 5kg – 10kg bags are light to move and easy to handle, meaning not only does it make it easier to keep your horses’ bed clean and fresh, it’s also the perfect option for taking to stay-away shows too! Straw tends to last much longer than other bedding, due to the reduced level of moisture, making it odor-free and easy to muck out.

If this is the bedding for you and you would like more information, get in touch.