Welcome to Baled


We the Charlesworth family grow our very own wheat and oat straw, lucerne, hay and haylage and process it into quality, clean bales – Perfect for poultry enrichment, equine, pets and more! We are situated on our farm at Red Hall Farm in Cheshire. 

About Our Farming Family

Based in the Cheshire countryside – it truly is a family affair. Red Hall Farm is home to James, Louise and Kristian, and of course Boo and Nelson the captains of the ship.

Red Hall Farm has been farmed for the past four generations by Charlesworth’s – However, we have not always focused on growing crops. Originally, we focused all of our attention towards milk production – Dairy Farming. However, in 1997, we were able to begin a dual-farming enterprise by stepping into the world of poultry. The two sectors really went hand-in-hand!

Having always had a keen interest in the arable and poultry sectors, we saw the opportunity to utilise our 600 acres of land as feed for the poultry on our own farm – Improving feed traceability and making feeding more cost-effective. We did, however, have to make the very difficult decision not to pursue dairy anymore. With that, our farm was ploughed, cattle sold, and we began work preparing the land for our arable dream.

As we continue to grow wheat straw, oat straw, lucerne, hay and haylage on the farm today, we wanted to ensure that not only are our crops the best quality possible, but that they are fit for purpose for both poultry and equine use. That’s why we use our KME processing system – To clean, dedust, destone and disinfect if required(And of course, create light bales for easy lifting!).

We want to help farmers comply with regulations, feed their animals top quality feed and make life just that little bit easier in general.

If you have any questions about our hay, haylage, lucerne or straw products, get in touch!