The Importance of Poultry Enrichment


Every person who has any interest in animals must have a thorough understanding of not only how to care for them, but the welfare principles and policies which are in place too. Whether you own animals in a professional or personal capacity, we all have the same responsibilities.


When it comes to poultry, there is a vast array of animal welfare topics we could discuss, but we want to talk about the importance of enrichment – an aspect that is often an after-thought.


What is Poultry Enrichment?


Ensuring all animals have a good quality of life is high up on the agenda of not only consumers, but farmers too. To help achieve this, there are five freedoms to consider:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst.
  • Freedom from discomfort.
  • Freedom from pain, injury, or disease.
  • Freedom from fear and distress.
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour.

Poultry enrichment is the act of providing birds with an environment whereby they are relaxed and content. By doing this, the likelihood of harmful behaviours such as feather pecking is decreased.

Considering poultry enrichment strategies will not only ensure that birds remain happy and satisfied, but they will also remain healthy too – Something as an owner of any animal, we will always strive for.


What does environmental enrichment look like?


Environmental enrichment for poultry will differ dependent on the type of system being used. However, enrichment can include:

  • Plastic bales for perching.
  • Blocks and balls for pecking.
  • Food such as broccoli, cabbage or lucerne for pecking.
  • Platforms to allow birds to perch and increase movement.

The use of enrichment should be monitored to ensure that birds do not lose interest.


Why Baled?


Our straw and Lucerne bales are perfect for environmental enrichment for poultry as they are a light, plastic free bale perfect for the poultry sheds. These bales comply with animal welfare regulations and are easy to move around. Not only this, but our bales are perfect for perching, pecking and deconstructing – Which we know poultry birds love to do!  These bales allow you to make your life easier, whilst keeping welfare at the forefront of farm activity.

For more information on our straw bales, please get in touch today.