Poultry health has been in the spotlight more than usual this past year, due to a particularly bad avian influenza outbreak. This disease mainly circulates in wild birds but has increased the risk of the disease spreading around poultry farms across the UK. Biosecurity is of upmost importance to those working in and around the industry, as keeping birds healthy not only impacts on farm performance, but it has a direct impact upon the supply chain too.

Taking Biosecurity Seriously

Biosecurity plays a vital role in protecting and keeping birds across the UK safe from disease and it’s not just up to the farmer to play their part, but every single stakeholder. As a supplier to many poultry farms across the UK, we ensure we do everything we can to protect birds from any harmful biological agents, including viruses, bacteria, and parasites which may be brought into sheds from the external environment

Here’s how we make sure that our bales are bio secure and safe for use on all farms:

  1. All our bales are put through our processor which gets rid of any nasties within the straw bales. This ensures that there is no dust or stones in the bales before entering any poultry housing of any kind.
  2. Our bales are not only dedusted, but they are disinfected too! By disinfecting the bales before re-baling, this ensures that every inch of the bale is disinfected and farmers can rest assured that hens can perch and pick at their leisure without any health risks!

Biosecurity – What You Can Do To Help

Are you heading out on farm, or just looking to improve your biosecurity? Here are three top tips to help!

  1. Make sure you have a disinfection unit and changing area that everyone must enter through to access your sheds. By doing this, people can make sure they have clean clothing and shoes before entering the sheds and reduce the risk of spreading disease.
  2. Where possible, limit the risk of contact with wild birds where you can in times of heightened risk.
  3. Effective biosecurity and cleanliness go hand in hand. Always keeping feed and water clean. Remove wet bedding and replace it with fresh regularly.

Here are Baled, keeping the poultry industry thriving is important to us, which is why we take biosecurity seriously. Browse our Straw Bales, Lucerne Hay and Bagged Grass Hay today.

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