Baled Lucerne Hay


Lucerne hay is ideal to feed older horses and free-range poultry too. Full to the brim with nutrients, our Baled Lucerne Hay generally contains around 18% high quality protein! This provides vital amino acids like Lysine (this is often low in other feed sources). The lucerne bales for sale are also rich in fibre, which sustains energy levels and promotes a healthy gut, and contain lots of calcium, aiding bone and joint health. The best part of it all is how much animals love it! Lucerne hay is highly palatable, your animals won’t be able to get enough of the stuff!

If you thought Lucerne was only suitable for horses keep reading! Explore the many benefits of Lucerne bales for poultry, equine, dairy and sheep industries, here on our blog! Alternatively, if you would like to place your order, get in touch today.

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Ordering and Payment

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