We’ve all got a responsibility to look after the environment around us and be mindful of our output. Whether that be carbon output or plastic, just to begin with, we feel strongly that we all have a part to play at Baled. Working with resource like our hay and straw, we’re intrinsically bound to the elements, often finding ourselves at their mercy! As a result, we take our responsibility to nurture our land and resources extremely seriously.

Whilst we’re far from perfect, we’re trying our best to make our processes more friendly to the environment around us, here’s how:


As the population’s concern around the environment builds, consumers have become more concerned around the efforts made by all levels of the supply chain to combat climate change, reduce water scarcity and so on. With such a complex sector, we achieve traceability by documenting all our data in a way that is accessible. As we enter the future, we expect the demand for traceability to only grow.


Biosecurity is a massive concern for many, particularly in the poultry sector. The plastic film often used to wrap bales has also been shown to be adept at picking up bacteria, which is what we’re all trying to avoid on poultry farms! Reducing risk of disease spreading is a huge challenge faced by farmers. Disinfecting our straw helps to protect poultry by removing all the bacteria found in the straw before it gets to them.

We handle our products from field to customer

Our products never change hands, until they get to you! Not only does this mean you can trust our process, but it also brings our transit miles right down! We grow all our hay and straw here on the farm in Cheshire. It is grown, cut and baled all by us, on our farm. It then heads to our sheds, where we use our state-of-the-art machinery to de-dust, de-stone and disinfect it all. Next up is packing (if necessary) and then it is stored here.

As we continue to develop our processes and products, we will always endeavour to consider the environmental impact of our decisions as Baled. The future is exciting, with more uses for straw as an environmentally conscious alternative entering industries all the time!