Planning your long-awaited rustic wedding? Looking to bring a relaxed, country feel to your garden party? Or simply seeking out an easy and effective seating solution for your events?

Straw or hay bales are a great choice for wedding and party props. Light and easy to move, they are just as useful as they are decorative. We’ve seen them used in all sorts of ways, from party props to seating.

Straw Bale Seating

Party bales are perfect for seating your guests! A charming (and cheap) alternative to sourcing chairs for everyone attending – something which we all know can be a nightmare with last-minute changes to numbers! One of the best things about using party bales is how adaptable they can be. If you’re using them as casual seating, guests are able to perch, which brings more flexibility than individual chairs and gives a more relaxed feel. You can even make straw sofas and lounge seating by binding straw bales together.

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, straw bales can be a neat, yet effective seating arrangement for your guests to watch your special moment. They also work extremely well as photography backdrops or props, perfect for otherwise useless areas that might look less than aesthetically pleasing!

To ensure a comfortable seat, we’d advise covering our bales with fabric, rugs, or cushions and securing these. No one wants a prickly seat after all! We’d also always advise the use of straw over hay. Not only is it less scented than hay, but it is also softer, providing more comfort when using it for seating.

Event Bales

With our 8kg bales, you can easily create different structures and shapes, tying the binds together wherever you need to.

If you’re looking to create an elegant, country feel at your event, décor can make a huge difference. Alongside your festoon lighting and fun wedding props, straw bales help to achieve a laid-back atmosphere that everybody wants at an event!

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