Hay and Straw – Why It’s So Versatile


Hay and straw is only produced to supply feed and bedding for cattle, horses and other animals, right? Wrong!

Hay and straw are extremely versatile. Since we opened our doors at Baled, we have seen a whole host of people through the farm gates to collect their bales, but not everything has been going to farms or equine yards.

Here’s five alternative ways that Baled products can be used:


  • Sediment or Storm Barriers

In the UK especially, weather conditions are much more extreme nowadays and this means that the storms we do get can leave long lasting effects on people’s homes and driveways. Hay and Straw bales are perfect for stopping storms from washing gravel out of your driveway or giving extra security to open-sided buildings. Banded Baled products are light and easy to move around by most people, meaning you can get them into place quickly.

The same concept applies on building sites where a lot of sediment runaway can clog up drainage systems. Hay and straw bales are great to help stop this from happening whilst remaining price sensitive.


  • Re-Seeding

Seeding on a windy day can be hugely detrimental, and that is why there is always a big rush on when it’s a still day to get those seeds planted. Seed is expensive and there is nothing worse than having to buy more simply because your seeds blew away (we promise, it does happen!). Spreading hay across the seeds not only stops them from blowing away or being washed away from rainwater, but it retains moisture and can actually multiply your seeding efforts! It’s a WIN, WIN!


  • Planting and Vegetation

Hay and Straw is the perfect mulch for your garden! Whilst not usually in some gardeners first thoughts, those green fingered gardeners in the country swear by it. The product will break down and providing that your gardening area isn’t too wet, it will not go mouldy! In addition to this, it actually starts to compost, which creates a rich layer of nutrients for your plants! Seeds and starter plants in particular will benefit from this as they like a warm, moist, and nutritious cover.


  • Patch Up Fields

Do you have pigs in your back garden? Have you struggled with the huge holes they leave in their patch? Make sure you don’t leave these holes for too long as they will grow bigger and bigger if you aren’t careful. Hay in particular is great for filling in the holes before they get too big! This concept doesn’t just work with pigs alone, if you have wet walkways in your field, put some hay down!


  • Seating

In recent years, the ‘rustic’ look has been extremely popular at more and more events. Not only do hay and straw bales look great as seating at parties, but they are also actually extremely cost effective, compared with having to purchase or hire benches and other types of seating. They can also be used on a variety of different surfaces, making them extremely user-friendly. Even better, with Baled bales – They are super light and easy to lift making set up easy and quick!

So, there you have it – Hay and Straw is more versatile than you could ever imagine! For prices and delivery costs on any of our Baled products, please get in touch.