Bulk Straw for the Construction Sector

As one of the foremost longstanding suppliers of straw to the construction sector, our banded and bagged straw is used on sites across the UK in a variety of applications. 

Bulk Buy from Baled

There’s a lot at stake. There’s also a lot we can do to help – especially when you buy bales in bulk, direct from us. 

Whether it’s for surface water management, pollution control, load bearing or as a building material, buying straw in bulk from Baled makes good economical and environmental sense: 

  • Straw is a renewable, agricultural co-product that decomposes after use
  • As a surface water management solution, straw prevents sediment pollution on your site
  • Straw helps avoid pollution mishaps, protecting you against reputation-damaging prosecution 
  • It’s an excellent reinforcing/binding agent that, unlike other bio-based materials, doesn’t displace food crops as it’s already part of the food crop supply chain


All Baled straw is put through our KME processing system to remove dust, dirt and stones. You will only ever receive a quality straw product with every bulk delivery.

Why Buy in Bulk from Baled?

  • Buying direct from Baled, the farm supplier, means one journey from farm to site
  • Buy at the best price by eliminating any middle-man costs
  • Baled straw is available to bulk buy in two weight options, either banded or as loose straw in bags, to suit your needs.


We bulk deliver direct from the farm to sites across the UK

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