Bulk Straw Benefits for the Poultry Sector

As longstanding poultry farmers ourselves, we get it.

Managing broiler sheds requires skill, commitment and hard work to ensure your farm complies with all the legal and contractual obligations – especially true as external audits return to pre-pandemic frequencies.

Bulk buy from Baled

There’s a lot at stake. There’s also a lot we can do to help – especially when you buy banded enrichment bales in bulk, direct from us. 

Good news for your farm

  • Our enrichment bales offer a sustainable ‘peck and perch’ option
  • They improve animal welfare and are Red Tractor compliant
  • Our products are fully traceable (to the fields on our farm!) essential for biosecurity.
  • They are also de-stoned, de-dusted and disinfected using a DEFRA approved food safe disinfectant!
  • Using bales instead of alternative perch options helps reduce plastic use
  • Our bales are small yet versatile, keeping animals happily engaged all day

    Why Buy Bulk from Baled?

    • Buying in bulk minimises the costs and carbon footprint associated with its transport
    • Buying direct from source means one journey from our farm to yours
    • Eliminating the middle-man means you’re buying at the best price

    Buying in bulk makes good commercial sense to poultry farmers committed to biosecurity, enhanced animal welfare and sustainability. 


    We bulk deliver direct to poultry farms throughout the UK

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